Cropp Wedding Video

15392770_1824922207755133_8343233199093835332_oJenna Overton and Ethan Cropp were married October 28, 2016 at the Upper Falls located within the Old Man’s Cave region of Hocking Hills State Park, located in Logan, Ohio. The ceremony took place just below the falls, which provided a stunning waterfall backdrop behind the bride and groom during the ceremony.

To ensure we captured all of the beautiful atmosphere of the event, we recorded the ceremony with four high definition cameras. We guarantee couples that we will record ceremonies with at least two cameras, we always film with three, but sometimes we record weddings with as many as six cameras to capture as many unique perspectives of the ceremony as possible. High definition audio recorders strategically placed in locations that would capture good audio of the ceremony were placed within the trellis that the bride and groom stood in front of.

15420910_1825130577734296_2714759380592503953_nSince the bride was from the UK and some of her family and friends could not attend the wedding, this particular couple requested expedited video editing to ensure that their family could view the ceremony online before the end of the week. So, in addition to the USB flash drive and seven DVD’s we mailed to them, we also uploaded the video and provided them with a private link for them to share for online viewing.

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