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Modern Minimalism Meets California Citrus in this Zesty Wedding Inspiration

Who else is fan of minimalism? What about the concept of deconstructing things and using the pieces to create the big picture image? Well, my friends, today’s minimalist + modern editorial features just that—with citrus. Sam, photographer + event planner at The Arroyos shares: We wanted to create a deconstructed wedding, completely stripped down to […]

Mazur & Maier

Imported From TwoBrightLights.com Event Info Location: Hainesport, NJ, US Event Date:  Feb 10, 2018 Client Info Name: ♀Annie Mazur & ♂David Maier Album Story David and Annie never thought that they would find love again after each of their spouses passed away. After being married for many years and losing such an important part of their lives, […]