Daily Archives: November 8, 2018

Lavender Kissed Loveliness at Campovida

If I could get married all over again (same hubby of course), you’d probably see this exact color palette. Alice and Ben’s impeccably romantic wedding at Campovida was a dream in subtle cornflower blue and dusty rose tones, designed by Glow Events. And, as only Laura Gordon Photography can do, I’m 100% transported straight through […]


Artistic + Avant-Garde: Wedding Inspiration with a Modern Pink + Blue Touch

When the mood board reads “Avant-garde, retro, glam,” we tune in, IMMEDIATELY. Taking things to new heights, this team of creatives produced something wild and whimsical, yet modern and cool for Fancier Mag, and today they’re sharing it with us! Featuring a strict pink and blue palette, these hues are soft and feminine, while contemporary—you’ll […]