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Multi Camera Columbus Ohio Wedding Videography

At a recent wedding fair, a presenter said: “I am holding two boxes. One contains your great-grandparents’ wedding photos, and the other contains their wedding video. You can open only one. Which do you choose?” The audience choice was unanimous, to the surprise of some – everyone chose the video. Video can record character, personality […]

Wedding Videos by proVanceTek in Columbus, Ohio


The Purpose Of Camcording

Video shooting is one of the growing businesses found in most of the countries. People are fascinated about the visual memory. The work excellence is growing in this trade and it is uplifting the need or popularity of video shooting. The video shooting…

Sweet Adelines, Columbus Chorus 2016 Fall Concert Video

Sweet Adelines International is a highly respected worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance. This independent, nonprofit music education association is one of the world’s largest singing organizations for women. Members extend over five continents and belong to more than 500 choruses […]


Wedding Videos by proVanceTek in Columbus, Ohio

Why Wedding Videography

So it is your big wedding day coming up and you pray for good weather, but more importantly that the day goes perfectly and the moments are captured. For wedding photography you want to make sure that you have an excellent wedding photographer and you hope the pictures capture the moment better than real life. […]

Helping out a Displaced Valley Dale Client

Columbus Wedding Videography is happy to be helping our first displaced Valley Dale client. Today we received our first displaced Valley Dale client. We were excited to be able to help this couple who’s wedding was scheduled for later this spring. Videography is now one less worry they have about re-planning their wedding ceremony and […]


Columbus Wedding Videography is all About the Details

Columbus Wedding Videography tries really, really hard to pay attention to the details of every wedding. We’re not perfect and occasionally we will miss something, that’s human nature. But we really do strive very hard to make sure that every final deliverable that makes it to our clients is as perfect as we can possibly […]

Free Wedding Videography for Grand Valley Dale Ballroom Customers

Grand Valley Dale Ballroom suspends operations: Venue’s management says it’s in no condition to host events We’d like to help out and offer any couple who had their wedding and/or ceremony booked for Valley Dale our services. For FREE, we’ll provide our Basic Wedding Package, a $500 value, to those couples who were booked at […]



New Business Cards Have Arrived

Our new Columbus Wedding Videography business cards have arrived… We will be posting business cards around Hilliard on various community bulletin boards, on random business counter tops and tables, and passing them out randomly at various events. The business cards will have special messages on the back that will entitle the bearer to discounted wedding […]

Central Ohio Wedding Videos by proVanceTek

Diamond Cellar Contest

On July 2nd, 2004, Robert (Columbus Wedding Videography owner) and Kaela (Jennings) during the Hilliard Arts Council summer musical at Hilliard Davidson High School. It was July 3rd, 2008, after four years of dating, Robert proposed at Red, White & Boom! fireworks show in Columbus, Ohio. Their engagement kiss was a Diamond Cellar kiss! Diamond […]