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Columbus Wedding Videography in Columbus, OhioShould we have our wedding recorded on video?

At a recent wedding fair, a presenter said: “I am holding two boxes. One contains your great-grandparents’ wedding photos, and the other contains their wedding video. You can open only one. Which do you choose?” The audience choice was unanimous, to the surprise of some – everyone chose the video. Video can record character, personality and emotion in a way that still photos do not.

Won’t the video cameras annoy guests and ruin the atmosphere?

Believe it or not, it is possible to have professional video unobtrusive enough so that guests do not realize a videographer is present. The activity we shoot usually happens when people don’t know we’re around and are acting completely like themselves. We capture the moments instead of creating the moments.

How many cameras should I utilize at my ceremony or reception?

Multiple cameras are most useful in restrictive churches or temples. These facilities often restrict camera positions so having more than one camera can be a plus. This has little to do with the number of guests you invite. Multiple angles are always a plus, so decide how many angles you wish to pay for.

Is an edited video worthwhile?

A well edited video flows smoothly from start to finish, combining the best camera views and audio tracks at any given time, engaging the viewer’s attention and emotions. A highlight video compresses time to a concise view of the most significant events, again flowing between them seamlessly. People remember quality productions, and want to see them over again.

Is it possible to record weddings in high definition video?

Yes! All of our video is shot and produced in HDV to insure the highest quality possible for your final DVD. You can see significantly more detail from this type of video than is possible from traditional “standard definition” videos.

My brother has a video camera, why not just put it on a tripod in the back and let it run?

This is possible, but you may not be satisfied with the results. An unmanned camera in the back of the room will give you some video, but as you would imagine, it is not as interesting to watch as a manned camera that is skillfully framed and smoothly follows the subjects of interest.

Columbus Wedding Videography in Columbus, Ohio

How do we know we’re not getting cheated on pricing?

Here’s a great resource from to determine if you’re paying too much for what you’re getting. Check out this guide.

We’d like a professional-quality wedding video, but isn’t it too expensive?

Rates vary somewhat by region and even by company philosophy. Of course the general rule is “you get what you pay for”. We don’t follow that philosophy, we believe that every project we do should be of the utmost in quality. Aside from cost philosophy, in general, the more expensive packages will involve more material (childhood photos, “before” preparations, etc.) and more editing time (more camera angles, highlights recap, musical montage). You’re paying for the onsite camera operating and postproduction editing skills needed to make a quality video production of your one time only event.

How long before I receive the completed DVDs?

We shoot for within ninety days after your wedding day. However, this varies somewhat, depending on the time of year, current workload, and the scope of your project. If you purchase additional features or if for some rare reason there’s issues completing the editing of your video, this timeline could be lengthened.

What are Master Files/Tapes and should I purchase them?

These are the digital tapes or files recorded in the camera the day of the shoot and the digital tape master version of the edited, finished product. No better version of your footage exists. Buy them OR your masters in HD format. Absolutely.

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